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The text read: "Hey"

Grabbele reaches for her Android from her lamp table next her bed. Her high cheekbones suddenly appears with a smile

She replies: "Bon Soir" very casual but giving off a flirty voice

Aleaf responded with a chuckle as he types: "Lol wyd silly. But I wanted to smoke wit you tho"

Grabbele stared at the text for a few seconds and gave a smirk

"Where to meet?"

Aleaf replies: "My complex parking lot. Can you grab a grabba leaf pls"

"Sure. OMW"

As Grabbele drives to meet Aleaf she couldn't help herself but to think about the last encounter that they had back in high school. Yes it's been that long but the vivid memory still lingers in her head like it was just yesterday. Grabbele walks into the store full of a whole bunch of n****** just chit chatting about a whole bunch of nothing.

"Hey Lil Mama what's up"

The tall one says

"I am not your mama boy" Grabbele snaps and walks out the door

"I'm downstairs bae"

The night was dark. The stars was out but you really couldn't see them so bright, with all the city lights and all

Aleaf sits himself into Grabbele's mini SUV. They give a stare and a smirk to each other. And they begin to small talk

Immediately the rolling begins.

Aleaf takes a puff, looks over to his now sexy as fuck friend and he licks his lips. Slowly


Grabbele she takes a puff, looks over back Aleaf then bites her lip. Slowly


An hour of this. Joint after joint. Stare after stare As Aleaf lights the last Mary Jane Grabbele gently postins herself on top of him.

Inhale. Exhale.

Puff Puff Puff


Inhale. Exhale.

Puff Puff Puff


The joint is now a roach and soft slow Haitian zouk begins to play in the background. Just a simple slow timpo. Each instrumental sound echoing through the small SUV. The sounds moves across the space between him and her.

"There you go again playing that s***"

"Don't play with me! Haitian music is not s***! just let me dance on you"

At the zouk love continues to play on the car stereo Aleaf couldn't stop too think...

"Damn she fine"

Each body touch of her pussy, caressing on his dick. He gets harder and harder.

Aleaf maneuver his body in a side way position and flips Grabbele onto the seat

He says

"Relax baby girl, daddy got you."

He lifts her shirt up to show her bare breast. He kisses her nipple with his wet tounge while playing with her other nipple in-between his finger tips.

She lets out a


He whispers his deep masculine voice

"Yes that it, let all that stress out"

He moves south and kisses her nable. The slips her pants off then her panties.

"No no no don't do that because you already know what's going to happen"

He removes her hand from his head and says with so much sincere confidence..

"This is about you...relax"

He gently pushes her back flat on her back.

Aleaf unraveled every inch of Grabbele's awareness that anything exists.

He layed her naked legs wide open Caressing her thigh with wet warm Smoochies. He then breaks down layer by layer bit by bit, carefully and precisely of her pussy juice into his mouth. Slurping her clitoris with a soft suction.

Spreading her cum among and around her pussy. Squeezing her cliq with every stroke of his fingers.

Grabbele pulls on Aleaf mid size shoulder length locs with each tug of cliq by his teeth.

She can't help herself she screams "Daddy" with the rhythm of the zouk love that's still playing.







"Hmmmmm Daddy! Oh My god!"

He places his hand her mouth to simmer the noise.

Aleaf eating Grabbele's pussy, making her release all of her frustrations. Her pussy gets wetter and wetter. Aleaf keep licking, kissing, slurping her pussy as if he was hungry for that cat.

As he admires the glossy dripping pussy before he couldn't help himself. He sits up and pulls his strong dark dick out and slides it like glove into Grabbele's tight warm juicy pussy.

She let out "Ahhh"

He strokes

Devouring he small breast again

Stroke. Stroke. Stroke


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