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Working Behind the Scenes

VERZO is a South Carolina-based independent artist based in North Charleston. Working behind the scenes, improving himself, and creating a brand that truly reflects his character as an artist.

VERZO, who was born in the southern Chicago, went through a lot growing up. The streets were rough, but they made him stronger. All of the difficulties he faced turned into strength and built the mental fortitude that this artist used to devise a way to make his dreams come true.

Music was an important part of his life. It gave him the motivation he needed to keep going, and he found comfort in it when things got too hectic. It came as no surprise when he awoke one day and decided to take his musical passion to a whole new level. VERZO decided to become a professional, armed only with his skill, talent, and lessons learned from a difficult life.

A man of his own:

VERZO's career is the result of years of self-improvement. He invested in himself to become a better musician and person in general.

The key to success as a musician is to keep working on yourself, to keep up with what's new and what could be added to your style. VERZO understood the assignment because he is constantly creating songs that are guaranteed to keep the audience's blood flowing like a river. His music sends an electrifying vibe through their bodies, lifting their spirits and giving them the boost they need to get up and go.

He created a brand for himself that accurately reflects his personality and way of life.

His experiences made him wiser, giving him an advantage in the music industry, where things can go wrong in an instant. VERZO has trained his mind to remain calm in any situation and to never be fazed by it, as a true gentleman would. His inspiration comes from within himself, which distinguishes him from other artists. VERZO discovered his own motivation within himself, as he proudly shares:

“No famous musicians inspire me I inspire myself”

True, no man is an island, but VERZO is a mountain who draws strength from within. He is a unique individual who shares his wisdom and strength through the power of his music. He may find inspiration within himself, but there is no doubt that he is an inspiration to many others who aspire to be just like him.

A word for the audience:

VERZO's life and works have inspired countless people to take a step forward and be stronger than they were the day before.

These people are aware of his struggles because they listen to his music. His lyrics speak to them because they, too, have been through it, and some are still going through it at the moment. VERZO wishes to convey to his audience that he is present to serve as a beacon of hope for them.

“I want my fans to feel like we’re family if they’re going through something then I’m going through with them and vice versa. I love all my fans without them it wouldn’t be no such thing as VERZO” he said.

His ambition is to inspire others as he pursues his own dreams, to be the face of strength in the face of adversity. VERZO wants his audience to believe in themselves as much as he does, to find "I" in inspiration.

Catch VERZO as he releases his second album, "Steppa 2," this year, and learn more about him on his Instagram and Facebook.

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