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Mommy I'm here

I can hear you

your voice is so beautiful

I feel you mommy as your love radiates through you and hits my soul it's like a tingle mommy

I can't wait to lay in your arms

stare into your eyes

sleep on your chest

feel your warmth ,

smell your scent ,

listen to you sing

but  every time your sad mommy I can feel it

your tears make me weep

I just want to hold you tight and fill you with joy

mommy your heart was once broken

you put it back together but you were missing one piece ... ME .

I'm here now so don't stress

feel my love inside of you

don't let go

just feel me Mommy

OUCH mommy what's that pain

oh no mommy your crying

I'm hurting

what's happening

the sound of your voice is fading ...NO!

Please ! I need you ! I love you !

Please hold on to me mommy !

This hurts !

My heart is slowing

I'm drifting

goodbye mommy I'm sorry I couldn't stay

I promise I wanted to please don't cry anymore

I love you ! you'll always be my mommy and I'll

always be your baby.

(R.I.P 👼🏽)


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