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Whatcha Need is now here!

Jasminn, a.k.a Lil Sip, is a rapper, singer and songwriter whose dark and uplifting lyrics blend the line between trap soul and hip hop.

From foster care to prison,one thing remained the same... her intimate relationship with poetry. This South Carolina native realized her purpose to create everlasting change.

On the road of mental health advocacy, Lil Sip releases her first E.P. in 2019 called Mixed Emotions. This solo project reached 30k streams, featured on Kreative HQ and she continues to unite and inspire the mass to indulge in self- love and self- awareness.

Her latest project shows her creative and hype side.

”Life is about having fun and living day by day. It’s so easy to get caught up in moving forwar. Sometimes we forget to enjoy the present.“

~Stand Out…You we’re born too!

Claflin University Almuni Class ‘18. Pending SC State University Class ‘23

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