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What is this smart kid doing?

Meet Nolan Harris, known by his nickname Jask, which stands for "just a smart kid." This seven-year-old from Jersey City has a passion for reading and writing books that he shares with anyone who will listen. Currently enrolled in 2nd grade, Nolan has already accomplished so much with the help of his supportive sister and mom and nana.

Nolan's creativity knows no bounds. He loves to take real-life moments and turn them into stories to share with his audience. His short stories are captivating, and his imagination is boundless. But storytelling isn't the only thing that Nolan enjoys. He's a multi-talented kid who loves to draw, act, sing, and dance. He's even working on some music that he hopes to share soon.

With his natural charisma and talent, it's no surprise that Nolan is attracting modeling and sponsorship opportunities. He's excited about the possibilities the future holds and can't wait to share his talents with the world.

To stay updated on all of Nolan's latest projects and adventures, make sure to follow him on Instagram @justasmartkid. With Jask, there's never a dull moment.

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