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What If?

What if I told you

I see you

Not that character you play all day

But I notice your every move

I’ve learned you

I see the tough face around strangers

I see that wall go down slightly around friends

You use humor as your mask

It’s better than talking about feelings

and how about

that light in your eyes that shines when you’re being silly

You know that lil move you do

No rhythm at all but I still choose to dance with you

What if I told you , you were safe with me

You could show every side of you

Happy , sad , angry , and confused …

And I promise to forgive you always

Because I understand you

What if you let me in and let me shower all of those broken parts of you with love …

And tell you it’s ok to break in front of me

What if you put your trust in me

Like fully

And I let my feminine energy flourish

Just for you

What if you open up about that heartbreak

Admit that’s why you push ladies away

Because you truly love hard

But Past pain , made you quiet & distance

Now a true connection is too much of a risk to take

What if you

face that trauma

With me holding your hand every step of the way

Reminding you ...

At the end of the day you have a friend in me even if you push me away

What if you fall for me

And you suddenly see I’m not perfect either

What if I break and my trauma has a different effect  on me

You shut down , I act out

Is there anyway to save what we created

Or is letting go the best option because it’s easier than forgiveness

It’s easier than trying

It’s easier to go away than see the one you love drowning

But what if you love me through it

Show compassion and understanding

Be strong for me during a time I feel like dying

What if the smallest act of kindness has the biggest impact

What if it leads me back to the loving , funny , strong woman that spoke so much life into you before

What if ego & pride could die

Hurt was healed

And Love won ….

What if …


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