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What Happiness looks like

Emma Linnea loves to perform and create new connections with people in the music industry. Her personal goal with creating music is to make people happy. The main themes she focuses on are happiness, pop, and dance beats.

“That is my passion. I think we should bring more happiness into the industry. That's why I have these easy going dance beats.”

Performing and dancing at school shows since the age of 7 years old; some of her main musical influences are Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.

“I've always loved their music and the way they perform each song is just amazing. I really developed over the years, I started to produce my own songs at home, and wrote lyrics to them.”

On top of writing and also producing, Emma loves to create music with others. One of her latest songs was a collaboration.

“I just love that!... From sitting at home creating music, to working with others have really improved my artwork for the better.”

Art-creating has been a big part of her life. New ideas are formed by inspiration from friends and family on an everyday basis.

“Because they are my happiness, and that's how I can create new ideas. I'm actually most proud of my new song ”Eternity” . It really feels like a song I stand for, it has the dance beats and also a happy and easy going lyrics.”

She admits it can be tough to be an independent artist but also very enjoyable. As an independent artist you can learn so much on the way and create good connections with great people in the business.

Emma’s advice on work balance:

“I think the best way to maintain a work balance is to take breaks and if you lack ideas just take a day off and start again when you feel inspired to create something awesome.

Intrigued by this artist? Don’t forget to listen to her latest release HERE and reach out if you're looking forward to working with her.

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