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VanGeauxVi$ion - Becoming a Household Brand

Being an entrepreneur has a positive and negative affect, just like anything else. But the favorite thing about being a musician for BigKingFish is affecting people.

“When my business ventures are thriving, I'm able to provide for my family that way I want to, but in the reverse of that when there's no sales things get tight.”

BigKingFish least favorite thing about being a musician is the fake love received. However, becoming successful is what motivates him to put in some type of work towards his craft every single day.

“The process and the results is why I feel so passionate about music. You start with ideas and they turn into songs that other people can.”

His creative process is to finish whatever he plans on starting on. He generates new ideas from the people he’s around, places he visits, and history.

“Smoking cannabis usually helps me get in tune with my creativity, although not necessary though.”

In the next 5 to 10 years BigKingFish sees himself in the film business. The goal is to become a household brand.

“I see myself signing to a major record label, and starting many different profitable business ventures.”

Interest outside of music:

Sports, cannabis, women, and fashion.

Greatest Fear:

“My greatest fear is having fear about anything in general. I always tell myself somebody has been here before though, so this too shall pass.”

Artist inspiration:

“Biggie Smalls inspired me the most. His stage presence, lyrical ability, and overall musical presence is what I admire the most.”

Enjoyed what you read so far??

Well, be on the lookout for new music from TTe (TrakkTeamEnt.) and as always remember G.A.S. Greats Always Survive.

VanGeauxVi$ion the mixtape is OUT NOW, visuals dropping real soon as well.

Check out the website HERE

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