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Valley Music: A Stress Reliever

Valley, an artist from New Jersey, is known  as a hustler. He got this characteristic from his mom; a single parent. 

"I grind hard because I have too, no one else will do the work for me and you shouldn’t ever expect someone to. I grind for my son, my family and friends and supporters, without them I am nothing.

His name actually came from an old tv show if anybody remembers “ the oblongs” their home town was called that. They are listed as outcasts because they were born differently due to nuclear waste that was in their town.

"So I go with valley because I relate to being different from others." 

Valley makes music because it’s a way of expressing himself: like truly relieving yourself. He loves to get into a booth and release built up energy to create music. 

"My art and how I create it is a way for me to escape. To me, I am nothing without the music. I like to stand out in everything I do, I don’t like following trends like everyone else, that’s why my music is very versatile. I go with the flow and vibes I feel. I make sure to always be different in my music. It’s boring sticking to one style. If you are a real artists, then you create anything, many flows, many styles, that’s art."

Valley's top 3 goals in life is to be successfully stable, successfully rich, and to leave a new sound in the world.

One of his greatest influences is Tyler the creator.

"He’s definitely an inspiration for my creativity. Being yourself, standing out, not being afraid to experiment. No matter what people say, your work is your work. If you like it, who can tell you it’s not art."

Interested in collabing?? Make sure you check out his recent work and  reach out HERE