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Brooklyn in the House

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Juju reigns from Brooklyn, NY. Music is her everything and motivates her to wake up everyday.

“I take it seriously because I’m passionate about it…it has a positive effect on my family life. I have a great support system & they encourage me to keep pushing.” 

Juju’s top 3 goals in life are: to receive a degree in psychology, become a world known artist, & maintain musical position in the industry. The main focus is to hone and promote her craft to make it better as time progresses .

“Waking up everyday motivates me, it’s a reminder that I was blessed by god to see another day & make today better than yesterday.” 

She confesses her album (jujuexcel) is a favorite. It is filled with her animated character and natural energy. 

“This is my first album so I couldn’t call it my favorite, however I’m extremely glad I did it. This album speaks volumes & it touches on a lot (gun violence, mental illness, excelling) etc.”

Juju’s greatest fear is not reaching her fullest potential because of negative thoughts. She manages the fear by taking deep breaths, praying & reminding herself why she took this route to begin with. 

“A lot of times things won’t go as planned then I’ll start thinking negatively. It puts me in a dark space… I am fortunate to have a partner that has an ear for music as well as myself (infinite melodies) . He's a great help. He definitely helps with bringing my music to life & teaches me a lot in the process.”

If you’re interested in working with Juju, make sure you reach out and connect. Don’t forget to check out her latest content HERE

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