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Year 22 is about Self Love

If you were wondering, Yonderly came up with his name when he was at a real low point in life. The goal was to describe what he was feeling and his uniqueness.

“I found the word yonder which stands for ‘Absent minded or vacant’ and I came up with the end of my name which is my brand ‘ABM’ because at the time I felt like I had “A Broke Mind”.

Yonderly’s main creative fuel for the past 2 years has been sadness and heartbreak. However, the most positive change he made in 2022 was finally starting to improve on self love and moving on from past heartbreaks.

“I’ve become more emotionally intelligent over the past couple years but without all the sadness and heartbreak I don’t think I would be the artist I am today.”

Without music, he doesn’t know what he would be doing or how he’d express his emotions in a healthy way. Yonderly describes it as “a better version of therapy”.

“Honestly and hopefully in the future I can grow my brand/Business to the point where I can bring on other young artists like myself into a musical family where they could really feel at home.”

He grinds the way he does because to change the lives of people and himself. After Listening to his catalog, you’ll uncover his growth as an artist.

“I wanna make a positive impact on people that have gone through the same shit I have, I wanna show people that your dream is not as impossible as it seems with hard work and dedication. And, I wanna prove everyone that’s took me for granted and that didn’t believe in me and show them I could be successful.”

Yonderly musical influence is Kendrick Lamar.

“Kendrick is definitely my favorite artist of all time for sure, in my earlier stages of making music I used to wanna rap like him so bad until you know I realized you can’t be Kendrick lol”

2022 insights:

  • Understanding that I never need the love/attention from a woman to be my best self, and if you take a dive into my music I’m sure you’ll pick up on that as well

  • This is the first year I’m really being an adult and paying my own bill and things like that so it was a real I guess ypu could say wake up call of wat life really is

  • Man honestly I jus think I was sleeping to much lol, like I jus felt like if I wasn’t playing the game I was sleeping, I would make music and I wanted to be successful but I didn’t want it as much as I do now forsure ig that’s why I get less sleep now to lmaoo.

If your ready to see what the hype is about… check out one of his latest releases HERE

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