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Giving Vivid Pictures

The reason why Jr Da Artist does music is the same reason why we breathe air because people need it to survive and stay alive . So that being said music is a part of me and what keeps me alive and every word that I breathe and speak through harmony I live by it and stand on it .

Music also saved my life in many situations and still keeps me going and motivated to reach my goals in life . That being said you can’t say music without saying my name because I am music and that’s all I know .

I “ live by the mic “ and that’s all I eat, sleep and breath . I am “ Jr Da Artist ''.

I stand behind everything and give you a vivid picture with my music every time you listen to it . Some people need air to survive but all I need is a mic and music to live forever.

My experience being in the streets and the people that have been around me and the environment that I lived in inspired me to tell my truth . I linked up with a LOU through social media and we locked in from there.

The reason why my name is Jr Da Artist is because I’m a jr. First and foremost, I paint pictures with my music. My goal as a music artist is to be heard by the world to feel where I’m coming from when they hear me express my pain, my struggle and my outlook on my story.

I can’t see or live without music because my life is a whole movie. When I record my projects or records I always live it out before I put it on wax. My main subjects are mostly pain and struggle and my trials and tribulations.

My biggest influences growing up in the rap game were 2-pac , biggie , Jay - Z , and Nipsey hustle and Kevin Gates . I have turned down a lot of major opportunities in the past for personal reasons to see myself in a better situation.

My relationship with money is good enough to know that it’s not everything happiness is . I have all types of major plans for my career but I just enjoy the process of my journey as a music artist.

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