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Real Life Music

Duke$ describes his collection as "real life music", from sad blues to party trap music. 

"To my fans I’d like y’all to know I’m beyond appreciative for y’all supporting & pushing me into superstardom."

He found his musical talents at the age of six. Duke$ grew up playing trumpet & saxophone.

"I always knew I wanted to live off music, rather it was from producing engineering or being a recording artist."

"I wish I knew how little school would matter in my life, coulda spent all that time developing skills to get farther in what I loved."

His top artist are:

"2Pac showed me duality. He was nice, intelligent and polite but at the same time was nothing to be played with."

"SouljaBoy is the forefather of the internet age we live in today, not only did he blow up as a kid he’s independent & still relevant" 

"Chief Keef king of the new age created a whole new wave n sound & opened doors for his whole state, from not getting interviewed much staying outta the light to the swag n energy he introduced to the game."

"Kodak Black is lyrically the best of my generation, his songs have substance & the way he puts his albums together isn’t like anybody else."

"Lil Uzi flow is unmatched by any other when he  raps, his style is unique, he's one of the greats because of his image, his delivery & he has one of the strongest fan bases." 

The music he's been releasing lately has been about trials & tribulations of being a new dad at 21, relationship problems, & manifesting the future he wants. 

When he creates music his purpose is to relate to others & let out his raw emotions in that moment. 

"The most challenging aspects of my career right now are building a solid team & getting the right promo."

His main musical influences are Gherbo, XXXTENTACION, AUTUMN!, Grindhard E, Lil Uzi, & Wiz Khalifa.

"My biggest musical challenge is not thinking about what I think people want to hear vs what I want to make. "

To listen to his collection of work or work with Duke$, connect HERE

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