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It's not just the way you kiss me or sex me it's the way you provide for me doing anything necessary working hard breaking your back for me

And trust me baby I notice

I know your body aches from the pain

Hands bleed

Skin turns into flames

Feet cramp

Belly growling from hunger

Mouth like the Sahara Dessert yearning for moisture

Body lifeless

And under pressure

But you keep going

Each day

I feel your pain

I see your strength

You know this is a temporary reality

Manifesting peace , love , tranquility, and many riches

Your future is bright

Change the world with your words

Spark new brains so when your soul is set free

Others will continue to share your message

You'll be a man of great respect

People will honor you

Look up to you

And learn from you

I'm proud to know you

Love you

Understand you

And connect with you so strongly

Your the man that will get all of his desires

Your hands will never bleed again

Your skin no longer emerged in flames

Feet no longer aching

Belly full

Mouth quenched

Body full of energy

All pain drained away

The key to life in your grasp


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