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I just wanna meet up

not tell nobody

Want you all to myself

A private party

Kiss and lick you up and down

Make your nipples harden

Move down to your lips

And spread them partly

Suck and lick all over your 🐱

Till you tell me you can’t take it

I crave you so much

I can taste it

Wish I could strip your naked

Right at this second

Look I apologize

But I can’t get you out my mind

I can’t help but visualize

Stroking you deep

While getting lost in them pretty eyes

Got me wishing I could fwd time

To see if we ever enter eachother lives

And create them soul ties

Cuz Lord knows

Ill capture your soul

Drive your body crazy

Legs shaking

Out of control

Swimming in your puddles

That’s how bad I want you

-Davieon Smith


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