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Untapped Culture

Easy is involved in a feature film about his area Harlowe, North Carolina.

“There’s a lot of untapped culture.”

For Easy it’s about having something to say. He aligns himself with more of the business mind of Barry Gordy, the hustle of Master P and the love of art from Kanye.

“I feel like sometimes we don’t use our voice enough. I’m so family oriented so everything I do is with them in mind.”

A lot of his work is on subjects from politics to youth organizations. He’s one of the biggest fans of music and having a genuine love for making something creative, catchy and informative.

“It’s a consistent thought as I get older.”

Easy’s main focus includes bringing attention to the talent in his area. A lot of local artists work real hard to get heard. It’s a grind.

“I’ve been so fixated on the business aspect that I haven’t had enough fun. Just getting back to that enjoyment.”

Music has always been an important part in his life. He has recently started back recording.

“I would say music is a hobby. I want to find out if people like real music that’s made with a purpose. I speak my mind so I wonder if people are really listening.”

Make sure you check out his latest release What I Want

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