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Through the Peaks and Valleys comes Inspiration

KYTE was inspired by how a kite soars in the air, it’s controlled by the person and the wind. He said, it describes both him as a person and his dedication to wanting to be more than just someone random. One of his goals is to become a household name!

"My art means everything to me. I wouldn’t be who I am or have the confidence I have if it wasn’t for KYTE."

A positive change KYTE made in my life was the people he surrounded himself with. He realized toxic people really change the way you think about life and distract the road you wanna be on.

"It aims to say that I’ve been through a lot of shit , but I’m still here, I won’t give up, and too keep moving forward despite the bullshit and the negativity."

A habit that didn’t serve him well was definitely his lack of motivation. Trying to work on the first album Chronicles of KYTE while dealing with a pandemic was challenging.  

"Having to isolate not seeing any friends, not being able to leave and do my basic routine, shit felt weird, felt like I couldn’t do anything to motivate myself."

Therapy was the key. 2020-2022 really tested him as an artist and as a human. But his family, friends, and  lost ones is the reason he grinds so hard. 

 "I just wasn’t in a good place mentally and I just needed that extra support where I could say anything and wouldn’t get judged for it rather help build me up and find different ways to approach it."

Working on this new album has allowed KYTE to be vulnerable, it also has allowed him to accept and reflect on what has happened in life.

"There’s a lot of people that have motivated me to keep on doing what I’m doing, and definitely wanna prove a lot of people that don’t believe I belong in this game wrong."

Inspiration comes in many ways. Sometimes it's from the beats, personal experiences, heart break, trauma, everyday life;you name it. 

"Anything can be fuel for creativity. Just have to let your mind be open to sharing those experiences with the world."

Hanging out with one of his friends who was doing YouTube first got KYTE into music.


"We would hang out at his place and I would just freestyle while we would game. He told me I should start recording my freestyles on Instagram and see what would happen, so I went home, found a beat and started freestyling. It was definitely terrible but it started my career."

If you're eager to hear more from this entrepreneur, make sure you reach out and connect. 

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