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There's More to Life

Bri McKay is representing Dallas Texas. 

 She has been singing before she can remember. The lyricism came a little later as a kid when she needed a healthy outlet for all of the emotions and confusion going on in life at that time.

"I was born Brittney Kay Shoemaker. Since I was about 12 I started going by Bri.

Later, I knew I wanted to use a different last name. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my last name, Shoemaker, but I thought it would be best to use another name in the entertainment industry. So I took my middle name and got McKay."


When it comes to music everything inspires her creativity. Bri writes from her personal experiences as well as others.

She defines herself as an observer.

"I could be in the middle of a conversation and hear a phrase, and my brain goes like “OMG this would be a dope song title” so I type it in my notes on my phone and when I have time later I go back and work on it."

Her goal is to express herself and allow others to feel it too. 

"Music is such a wonderful medium for that. My true nature and my soul craves adventure and experience. I live in a constant state of wanderlust and curiosity. I grind so hard, because I want to experience spectacular things, while doing something I’m passionate about and love to do."

Bri believes there’s more to life than just grinding at a 9-5, just to make money to survive. Whether it's music, dance, film or play…it helps clear the mind.

"I would rather work more than 40 hours a week doing something I love and have it integrated into a lifestyle I want than  spending my life wishing about it."

Creating and bringing music to others has been a calling of hers since she was a child. It brings a true sense of fulfillment.