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The Pure Grind

Growing up, Fraud1k played a little bit of guitar and piano growing up. Now he gets a rush when he releases music.

"And seeing the impact is a beautiful thing.I don’t really play much anymore."

Fraud1k's  favorite part of being a musician is the journey. The pure grind that goes into it. 

"Seeing the small movement that pays you back for the work you've been putting in, the end goal is not a real thing, we all just keep going and going. Although I think the worst part of this is the journey at the same time, it can definitely beat you up in ways you couldn’t understand unless you make music. Depending on if you're a half-glass full or empty kind of person you can either view it as personal growth or a downright deteriorating experience.

Someone he admires the most is his brother,Nerd. His work drive is unmatched and he doesn't burn out. 

"I draw a lot of personal reflection about things I do and self-control almost daily. Nerd makes it seem flawless. His work ethic is definitely the best I have seen in the industry."

5-10 years in the industry Fraud1k sees himself making music as his main source of revenue. 

"I have been in this now for 4 years and only started rapping back in January, if in 5 years time and I am not living off of this I would be disappointed in myself. Really my own accomplishment that I am praying for is to wake up and make music everyday for not only a passion but also my main income."

He describes his creative process as different. He says "5 minutes I can knock out a hook or a full song in 20 minutes, fully mixed everything. Then I close it up for a week, listen to it again."

 Fraud1k has produced for 4 years in FL Studio. His ideal collaboration would be Lil Uzi.

"Only for the sole reason that I had my beats in the studio with em, now I gotta achieve that same feat with artistry, not to mention I draw a lot of influence from him and some other guys from around that era."

If you want to hear more checkout Fraud1k collection HERE.


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