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The Kids are the Future

Lil Krazy is not from the City. He grew up in a small town in northern Alberta.

The name Lil Krazy was formed in 2012, when was just a teen. It is a mixture of two artist names. Lil Wayne (Lil) and Krayzie Bone (Krazy).

“I choose these two artists, because I can sing and flow like bone thugs, but I also have substance like wayne.”

Currently serving as a council member, Lil Krazy believes it is his duty to produce a music program for the nation’s youth.

“The kids are the future! I do this for my nation. It's more than a business, it’s a lifestyle.”

Lil Krazy is more than a rapper, he is an experience, loved by many, feared by some.

He listens to all kinds of genres, from Rap to Rock.

“I take my inspiration mostly from artists that came before.”

Through my extensive network of influencers, producers, label reps, and more….Some of his top goals in music are: Signing artists to his record label, buying his parents a house, and paying off his car.

Wanna get to know Lil Krazy even more?? Reach out and make sure you check out his projects HERE

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