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The Key: Passion & Opportunity

Fresh Finnish music brings you memories and joy in your life.

S productions is an independent artist and the founder of Badenstock Records.

With his previous business experience and insatiable desire to learn, combined with a fervent desire to evolve. S has thrown in everything he has by keeping up with the industry's consistent hustle.

S's life has always included music.

After a series of coincidences, he decided to test his abilities by releasing his own creations.

Starting from the beginning, the road has been long and difficult. The journey, however, continues.

While many artists around him gave up at the start, he kept going and evolving on the fly. Meanwhile, he's made meaningful connections with independent artists all over the world.

After three years of constant release, the background team has grown to a respectable size. The Badenstock label's core professionals and artist roster are unique.

Coworkers include well-known names such as BirdyHead and Teddy Hits, to name a few.

S prefers to create electronic tracks that range from dark to upbeat.

Passion towards music and opportunity to help your life throught sounds are key reasons for him behind the motivation to keep releasing music.

Inspired by DJ Madd, Tiësto, David Guetta and many more.

Currently besides S productions art project,

building the new Pesukone artist collective

lies among top of his priorities.

Tune in to his latest projects HERE

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