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(The Introduction)

  1. What positive changes did you I make in 2022? - Finally re-launching my brand & Starting my podcast network.

2. What habits didn’t serve you well in 2020? - I honestly didn’t develop any unusual habits in 2020.

3. What made you feel the most alive this year? - When I’m on set of my podcast is when I’m at work but my natural self.

  1. What did you do to support your emotional well-being? - I entered myself back into there last year.

  1. What inspired your artist name or Business name? - Well, I like to present myself as a KING! So “King Ace” Fits me and My brand.

  1. What inspires your creativity? - They ability of being skillful and A deep thinker.

  1. What is your why? - I grind because this is my passion, But also I like to be in control and I love being my own boss.

  1. What do your art/Business mean to you? - It means everything to be because it’s MINE! So it means so much more to me.

  1. What does your work aim to say? - That playing with the big dawgs and I’m ready to strong arm my way in the game.

  1. What first got you into music? - It was the year of 2001 and I heard “Daft Punk” - One more time and “Tupac” - Do for love, One night as a kid and fell in love with just music itself in general ever since that day.