Talks With God

God I’m ready

I don’t want to fight anymore

I’ve been carrying this baggage for so long it’s breaking my back

I can’t even walk anymore

The pain became so numbing

I can’t describe the feeling

So I just talk anymore

I surrender completely

I give it all to thee

Lay it at your feet

I’m tired

Put my ego to sleep

Tell the woman that’s at war with self it’s time to wave  a white flag

She needs peace

Who knew having faith could feel so free

My magnetic mind

Attracting beauty & bliss

Altering perception

I see positivity in the darkest situation

Trusting I’ll be a warrior in the end

Understanding pains purpose

Is to teach

Like seeds we need rain &  sunshine

To grow

So my spirit can fly reaching the highest peaks

Placing my heart in your hands

I finally found peace


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