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December 22, 2021

Notorious Slim is an entrepreneur from Las Vegas Nevada but currently resides in Columbus Ohio. Storytelling and empowerment is his main focus when it comes to making music.

“It doesn’t take a lot of hard thinking, I see that canvas and I automatically know what I want to paint…I hear the beat, I see that pad, and I automatically know how it should sound.”

How the cadence should be and how the song should come together, music and art are very much the same.

Slim’s top three goals in life are to become the biggest artists of all time, become the biggest boxer of all time,and above all to change the world.

“I box as well. That's been one of my dreams since I was little.”

His biggest motivations are his sisters and his girl. He plans to put his family in a better position as he grows as a business and individual. His greatest fear is losing the ones he loves the most.

“I’m overprotective…These people are my world, they mean everything to me and in all honestly I’ll die for them I’ll do anything for them. I love them with all my heart and I want to give them a better life that’s why I work tired lessly every single day no matter how I feel”💯

Entrepreneurship is not easy. But when the vision is vivid, it’s worth it in the long run. Some responsibilities Notorious Slim face are:

making sure everybody gets along with each other and maintaining effective communication.

“We listen to each other, have each other's back and above all we love each other like we were all one big ass family. If anybody in the family has an issue, I sit them down and have them talk about it. We are a big family no matter what.”

“Being an entrepreneur honestly has helped my family A LOT, it has given me an opportunity to help my family and teach them about business not just in the music industry, but any business in general.”

When it comes to new ideas, thinking outside the box is a must. New opportunities deserve a new approach.

“Most artists have a favorite artist that gives them inspiration that made them become an artist, for me my inspiration is me, I always followed myself.”

Slim’s Inspiration Advice:

“When you are in a dark place, whether it’s where you live, family issues , etc… It’s gonna be okay”💯

Slim’s favorite project:

“Actually it’s not released yet, I have a new project…it’s classified. It has made me look at the world different, make me look at making music different, and it made me look at myself different, this album, is a level up from my previous projects and I’m really excited to release it when it's ready”

Take a listen for yourself!

Make sure you check out the Whole Lotta Money on Apple Music & Spotify

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