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Stay Original As Possible

Yonderly is an artist that has an interest in alternative rock songs and hard guitar. The goal while creating music is to make everybody feel good.

“Overall relatable/music you could just vibe with…The most challenging part fr fr has just been coming up wit a release plan, just coming up wit some effective promotion plan.”

The theme Yonderly pursues the most is like the grungy vibe. But of course with his own touch to it. He believes his best work yet is “serve it to the fiends”, receiving a lot of feedback after dropping.

“I used to write everything… Then I had a studio session with one of bros @iamjehkai and watched him freestyle every song. After that I was like bro lemme try dis shit and now I just freestyle everything too”

Some of his main musical influences are Kendrick Lamar, Xxxtentacion, and Juice Wrld.

“Since my junior year I really stopped listening to music all together just to stay as original as possible.”

Music is all he thinks about. Always open to networking and collaborating. One thing Yonderly struggles with is balance. But, he believes you shouldn’t try not to stress yourself out from trying to balance everything, and don’t be scared to ask for help if you need it.

“I’m young so I’m still growing up to so I still don’t really know a lot…I’m out here tryna do the same thing every artist is fr and I want everyone to succeed so if there’s any artist that see this and wanna work all my work is based off of vibes so if u wanna collab don’t be scared to hit my dms.”

Make sure you check out his latest release ‘Hit N Run’ and ‘Serve it to the Fiends’ HERE

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