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Sincere: Poet & Rapper

Sincere, who is from Boston, Massachusetts, has been on a wild ride trying to make his way in the music industry. He began his career at the age of eight, when he began learning how to play the piano and sing.

In the ninth grade, he discovered a passion for poetry and founded a poetry club at his high school. He went from discovering his poetic side to rapping and began to build a fan base so that people could support his music.

Sincere has worked hard as an independent artist to get his toe in the door of the music industry, and he's now swimming in it. He debuted with The Interlude and has worked to develop a lo-fi style with a Tyler the Creator-esque sound.

Musicallysincere's goal is to have a hit song reach the top 75 on the Billboard charts.

Wanna hear more?

Make sure you check out his collection of music, merch, and show dates HERE

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