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Self - Expression

Heavy Musik main purpose or goal honestly is to express what's on his mind the best way he can. Along his journey he's learned to take it more slowly instead of rushing greatness.

"I'd say my thinking is more unique but hard to understand it's not for the average you'll have to pay attention closely

But I'm not expecting everyone to appreciate my artwork out here but that comes with it ima have supporters and non-supporters it's how it goes "

Heavy Musik artist influences are: NBA Youngboy, Young Pappy, Eminem, Lil Wayne and J Cole. His music focuses on Storytelling and emotions.

"What would I say besides art? Most likely a visionary, spiritualist, empathizer, and psychic."

Focusing on life and work balance isn't a challenge. The most difficult thing is  having to record multiple takes to get it right. 

"I can write a full song in 10-20 Mins depending on the topic. All I do is Work tbh so i got plenty of time on my hands to get everything I need accomplished out here."

 Heavy Musik's favorite project so far is the "Almighty Flow '' remix and "Can't Control Me" remix. He enjoys songwriting/recording the most but producing sparks an interest too. 

 "Also my upcoming comic book release titled 'States of Depression'."

Make sure you check out his dope collection HERE and make sure you get in touch.