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Save Him

God save him for me

Protect him

Heal him

Shed light on him & make his days less gloomy

His head less foggy

And his heart pure

Detoxify his spirit

So he can grow

Remove the anxiety

Remove the self doubt

Remove the fear of growth & change

God save him for me

Wrap your arms around him

Keep him safe even from his own thoughts & actions

Show him he can lean on you

Keep the peace love and money flowing his way

Remind him of the God he has inside of him

Never let him forget how much of blessing he is

God save him for me

& when I say “ save him for me” I don’t mean  for me as if he is my property

I’m simply asking a favor from you to me .

I just want him happy


And free

So while I’m on my knees praying & crying out from my own pain ….

Please don’t forget …

Save him for me


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