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S.o.L.o is a Rockstar

S.o.L.o was born in Montréal, Quebec. He is a songwriter and a beatmaker. His latest single ‘Rockstar’ is attracting a lot of attention.

S.o.L.o comes from a Jamaican background…Hence, where the swag in his music comes from.

S.o.L.o went a period without listening to music. He realized there were demons in his life that needed confrontation. It didn’t take long to recover and resume producing beats.

He frequently practiced record spinning next to the DJ at family gatherings. Around 12 years old, he moved to Ottawa and started writing at the age of 19. With time and evolution, ‘Rockstar’ was formed.

It’s a mixture of rap and trap. Throughout the lyrics, he makes it known that ‘he is not ordinary.’ The orange cover art represents optimism, emotion, adventure, and creativity. It is know that the effects of the color orange enhances creativity and stimulates appetite

He continues to be inspired by the well-known rappers who had an impact on him when he was younger, but he is also frequently pushed by the work of more recent, emerging artists. S.o.L.o would like not associate with any one genre.

He leaves room for the listeners to classify and interpret what they hear. 

For bookings and features you can contact You can listen to his FULL collection HERE

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