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Relentless Godlike Theme - Possible Joyner Lucas Collab

When Lyrical Production creates his music, the goal is to put a heartbeat in the listeners ears. To tell and story and make listener‘s feel every keystroke.

“The most challenging aspect of my current release is developing knowledge on music theory and applying it . Only because I learned how to make beats strictly from ear.”

Overtime his focus has been more on getting placements and just trying to improve my sound to the highest capability.

“I wimpy making beats. It’s my passion, always have been & always will. I always picture myself having everything I’ve always wanted while I’m cooking in the lab.”

He started beat making in 2006. Lyrical Production pursues a rent less godlike theme when making beats.

“I mostly play by ear so what you hear is what I feel sounds good to me. And I make music 7 days a week! I promise there’s no one out working me. Working harder than me or more hungry than me”


(Scott Storch, Dr. Dre, Kanye West, & 36 Maria)

The project he’s most proud of is yet to come. Recently, Lyrical Production reached out to Joyner Lucas’s manager and he’s got some opportunities.

“He’s on tour right but stay tune!”

“As a producer and staying constantly dedicate; it assist in everything I do in life. It’s also a stress reliever and helps me get through life in general.”

Lyrical Production’s advice is to work hard but also think of your health. You can work too hard and neglect that.

“And yes I do at times but it’s definitely a learning process. I know I’m lacking balance because my beats become lazy. So I always take creative breaks and come back 10X harder.”

Make sure you stay up to date with him and his work HERE

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