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Raw & Uncut!

912 Gutta got his name in middle school. 912 comes from his area code and gutta means raw ,uncut, hood.

“A lot of people were using 912 on Instagram and I thought 912 gutta was a great rap name.”

This Savannah Georgia Artist started writing lyrics at a young age. 912 Gutta describes his creativity as a creative outlet for nearly 6 years.

“I always wrote songs but my dad put me in the booth when I was 13 and I knew I had to keep doing it.”

“I learned about the come up of artists like gucci mane and crime mob and how they were doing it young and it inspired me to get into it.”

His grind is for him. Some of his top 3 goals are: elevate in music, invest in real estate,and have a productive life

“I believe in myself musically and as a creator in general,and I go hard for my future because I and others believe I’ve got a future in this game. I go hard for my loyal supporters.”

912 Gutta believes the youth has the greatest influence and impact on music.

“My work is to say feel confident in yourself,I don’t write sad songs, I write stuff that makes people hype.”