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Purpose Driven

Tony Cam has Alabama in his blood, but he was raised in Tampa, Florida. His work aims to show an unique jazzy groove through a hip hop lense.

“To Relax I Like To Write Rhymes, Freestyle, Listen To Audiobooks, And Podcasts.. Anything That Can Help Me Develop My Sound.”

Tony is family oriented. His Name Was Inspired By his Father and has two kids he’d move the world for.

“I have 2 Beautiful Kids a 6 year Old Son and a1 Year old Daughter. They mean everything to me. I cherish every moment I get to see them. I Will put them in a position to win in this life. I Owe them that, so I owe myself that.”

With his music, he hopes to connect with his father through music and artistry.

“I Never Really Had A Relationship With Him. If He Is Still Alive I Hope To Connect Back With Him.”

The First Song Tony Fell In Love With Was “Lose My Mind” by DMX. He recalls, between ages 5 and 6, having a sound system, cranking it all the way up, and jamming out.

“I remember as a child it always came on the radio whenever the babysitter turned it on. We Would Dance n chase each Around The House reciting the lyrics, growling like DMX.”

He is Purpose Driven and Understands The Game Of Life. He learned at a young age to go after the things you desire.

“I was the kid at school who was selling my poptarts n sunny Ds. Nobody Was going to get them for me. So I Had to figure out how to get it for myself.”

If you could Get rid of a bad habit:

“It would be to not overthink certain things and decisions. I’m sometimes in my head too much when I could spend more energy acting on whatever I need to which in effect helps make things easier.”

Top 3 goals In Life:

1. Be an International Recording Mogul And BusinessMan

2. To Create Different Opportunities for My Family And Loved Ones To Keep Us Fed For Generations To Come.

3. To Make “Tigronia” My Kingdom A reality.

Currently he Follows A Couple of Agencies and have memberships with a few studios and management companies. It allows him to interact, hang out with and network with other like minded individuals.

“These Experiences Help me to Bring out my creativity and versatility as well as shine lights on others and their unique gifts and crafts so that we all win. Be expecting to see and hear more from TonyCam.”

And for the last words… make sure you go check out Tony Cam’s single Last Words.

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