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Positive Vibrations

J’Da Prynce is  from Newark, New Jersey. Legendary Producer, Freak Nasty (da dip) partly inspired his name.  

"I just relocated back to North Carolina from Atlanta, GA.  So, I rep the Bull City, Durham, North Carolina."

His company, Applaud You Talent Group, LLC, is a boutique talent agency that helps develop burgeoning talent. Additionally, they provide a variety of writing services; namely résumé packages, artist bios, and press releases. They were established in 2017 and are currently headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

"We prepare aspiring artists for a successful career as an independent artist.  We “applaud” anyone who has the courage to go after their dreams of entrepreneurship and we do what we are skilled to do to assist them in this process."

The first song J’Da Prynce truly fell in love with was “Whitney Houston’s “All the Man that I need.” Several artists greatly influence the music he create as well as how he approaches his music career.  He mentioned how diligent and relentless Beyonce is as a performer and businesswoman.

"No crazy story behind it. The song just speaks to my heart. The melody, the lyrics, her delivery, absolutely captivating."

"Additionally, Janelle Monae’s diversity and ability to weave seamlessly between a career as a musician and actor really inspires me.  I am also inspired by past artists like James Brown, Michael Jackson, and Sam Cooke."

His top 3 goals in life are to be happy, to live in abundance, and to have a life of balance.

"I enjoy relaxing to a good cocktail and a movie.  Quiet time is very important to me, and so just to be able to sit quietly in peace with my adult beverage in hand puts me quite at ease."

His body of work aims to spread more love in the universe.  He expressed: "We live in a world that constantly promotes sex, but not intimacy, drug usage and violence but not sobriety and peace."  The goal of his artistry is to give people something that can f*** up the dance floor to, while still putting out positive vibrations.  

He grinds the way that he do for his family.

J’Da Prynce seeks out opportunities through social media.  He attends networking events. 


"Our family grew up struggling to pay bills.  It was a struggle to keep the rent paid and as a result, we lost several homes.  I can recall there was a time when our water was cut off and we used to go to the fire station and fill up five-gallon buckets of water. This would be our water to bathe, cook, drink, and flush the toilet.  It hurt me to see my family live like this.  So, today, even though my parents are seniors, I desire to be a blessing to them as well as my siblings."

He also performs at different venues where there will be networking opportunities and constantly scour the internet for different opportunities for advancement. 

Make sure you reach out, explore, and connect with J’Da Prynce.

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