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Picasso Prodigy

Daquan Picasso (aka: Picasso Prodigy) wants to inspire and educate others through the form of art. As a photographer and a graphic artist, he feels it is his job to make people love being creative and/or feel confident in themselves.

“Art and music helped me express what I was feeling when I was not confident enough to put it into words. I am creative and always aspire to be unique. I am always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow as an artist.”

Born in Bronx NYC and raised in Albany NY, Daquan plans to start a program in the community for the youth. Using arts and crafts as a way of therapy, as a way to educate about different cultures, and self expression.

“The goal is to have this started within the next 2 years. I am a freelance model, I like to travel and explore, I like to be involved in my community and nature, I enjoy playing video games, I like to draw and paint as well.”

He strives to be able to show who he really is and connect with more people with similar interests (graphic art, photography, music, fashion, etc.) Three artists he’d like to be compared to are: Pablo Picasso, Stefan Sagmeister, Aaron Douglas. His dream project is to design an album cover and/or to model for one of his favorite music artists and favorite designers.

“I can be more of an introvert sometimes. I want to work on connecting with more artists, models, designers, etc. For this, I have to build on communication, consistency and confidence.”

Question of the Day: What accomplishments do you see yourself achieving in the next five to 10 years?

“Opening an art studio where the community can come to explore different types of art and make their own!”

Wanna work with the model and graphic designer? Check out his work and get in contact with him HERE