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P.O.W E.R Various Artist Compilation

Born on December 16,1994 Kendrick Mcilwain better known as Nolamardo is an American R&B Hip Hop Artist. 

His first single titled, “All Day" is featured on “P.O.W E.R Various Artist Compilation Vol 1" distributed by Universal Music Group. 

The album is buzzing on all digital platforms worldwide.Two questions asked most frequently is where did the name Nolamardo come from? Here's the answer.

People kept calling him Kendricks Lamar, a popular artist out of L.A. produced by Dr. Dre so much he created a metaphor, (my name is Kendrick No Lamar Doe) to separate himself. So he decided to just go by Jigga his nickname that was gaining momentum in the streets. 

A name that was already solidified by the legendary Jay Z. So his manager Shaabon Zuberi suggested he turned the metaphor he created (No Lamar Doe) into a unique name by dropping the e off doe. 

Nolamardo was established! Expect huge things from this talent from the same city as Da Baby!

You gotta listen to "P.O.W.E.R." now on ALL Platforms HERE



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