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Overcoming the Odds

D21 says music is a form of therapy to him. He wants to expand his sound & invent new ways to improve his craft. 

"Whenever I feel like I’m down or something, I go in the booth and spit something to get it off my chest to make me feel motivated."

His name, D21, was inspired in highschool. His music focuses on having an open mind and telling his stories through music.

" It was my last year of high school and 21 was my favorite number growing up so some people told me I should rock with it and ever since then I rolled with it."

His music aims to share his story and how he overcame a lot of obstacles. D21 has been making music for 7 years and counting, always wanting to improve his craft.

"I’ve been through a lot of things early on especially during my young years…I have a purpose to do this and that I’m the hardest working rapper that has ever touched this earth."

Tips for D21

*"I just stayed focused, worked on my music without any distractions and what’s going on in the world during that time with the pandemic."

*"I do it for my brothers who fuck with me and I have idols I look up to like Drake and Travis Scott. I go hard because of them and they inspire me to become the best version of myself and the best artist I can be."

Make sure you listen to his latest release HERE