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New Writer Intro:

Heyyy, I'm Rae

I'm a new member of the Dripp Nation Family .

I wanted to introduce myself & tell you all what you can expect from me .

Firstly , I'm an Author of a heartbreaking yet beautifully raw book series . Tales of a Broken Girl which can be purchased through my Instagram @rae.of.faith_93 . The first book is out & I'm currently working on part two . Each chapter in the book is a different women / young girls story about what broke her life . It gives these survivors a voice.

Secondly , I'm a Hippy with the soul of the Gypsy & poetry is my love language . I believe life is art & we all have the power to create a masterpiece . The Law of attraction is always working , listening , guiding us all . Im an Empath , Healer , Siren , Star Child , Angel etc. , Basically I've been called many things by many people . My purpose is to write and touch as many souls as I can .

Thirdly , Every morning I will be posting a " Poem of the Day " . I will share my work as well as offer other writers a chance to submit their work & I will post it for all to read . For more information contact my Instagram @rae.of.faith_93 if interested .

I also will be sharing a spicy/witty new series titled : Naughty Novas . A fictional tale of a group of friends in their late twenties/early thirties navigating the single life in the big City of Tampa . Be ready to laugh , cry & even get turned on a little bit . Each week I will post a new chapter .

To wrap this up I will say I'm very grateful for this opportunity & stay tuned ! 💫

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