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Never Give Up

Boaty Blanco is from Drums, Pennsylvania. Bringing you a new song called Mozilla.

“So in the 4th grade I had a substitute teacher .. she was taking attendance and said “Brandon” I said “yes that’s me, I’m here” and she said “your not Brandon your Boaty” and insisted my name was Boaty .. after that it just stuck everyone called me Boaty.”

Why does music feed his soul? It’s simply for the love of it!

“I love waking up every morning and having something to wake up too .. music gives me purpose.”

Writing songs is something he does all the time and doesn’t get a lot of rest from. He can see himself collaborating with Eminem.

“ I’ve always wanted to perform at a festival, oh and make a song with Lil Uzi lol, and having 1,000,000 subscribers on YouTube would be cool.”

Some of his musical influences are Chili Peppers Eminem and Tom Petty.

“Tom Petty had a big influence on my childhood .. Tom Petty was the first concert I ever went to .. I remember the lady sitting next to me flashed the stage. That's when I saw my first pair of tits and fell in love w/ music.”

Some advice he would leave for anyone is there’s always a way. Boaty Blanco makes music for people like him; people who got knocked down 1,000 times, and continue to get up and keep going.

“No matter how hard life gets!!NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!!”

Make sure you listen to Boaty’s new single Mozilla HERE

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