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Naughty Novas Chapter Two “The Russian”

*Anastasias Night Club*

“SEE A SHOT , TAKE A SHOT BITCHES” , Danny yelled at the top of her lungs.Heaven barely able to sit up straight looked at the girls and slurred her words  “ I am way to drunk y’all , and Ana I’m so proud of you” . The girls all laughed but agreed as they each hugged Ana and congratulated her. “Bitch I just can’t believe you really invited every person you’ve had sex with” , Sid Whispered loudly . Sativa choked , then coughed as she exhaled that lovely weed smoke with a confused look on her face . She looked at Ana and said , “ Wait Bitch what ? No the fuck you didn’t !?” . That haunting grin appeared on Ana’s face . She looked at her girls and simply admitted , “ Oh yes I definitely did , now watch as they all grovel to leave with me , plus I did this for you ladies as well ! Everyone here is a good fuck ! Don’t over think it . Just have fun “ .

Sid drunk , quickly shook her head back and forth while sucking down her whiskey & coke and holding in a laugh . Heaven utterly mortified yelled , “ Oh my God Anastasia Petrov that’s disgusting , friends don’t sleep after each other ! That’s girl code ! …. I mean right ladies ?”.

Danny replied ,” Actually the code states you can’t fuck with a girlfriend’s Ex , but a good fuck is just that . No emotional connection at all . So shit I’m definitely scoping out the talent in here babyyy” . The other girls agreed with Danny .

Heaven confessed , “ Ok well I won’t lie then , the guy in the VIP section to the left of us with the white Versace shirt on is so fine yall !!!” They all turned to see who Heaven had her eye on . “ Oh yes thats David Black he’s an architect from Dubai and I promise he’ll have you squirting all over that beard of his . I haven’t had sex with him in two years but it’s a great memory“ . Heavens face turned red in embarrassment. He was 6’3 , light skin , long curly hair , long beard , beautiful smile , with hazel eyes.

The Naughty Novas are sitting pretty in VIP for Ana’s special grand opening of her newest nightclub . “The Russian” it’s all white walls & couches with black lights and strobe lights , large ice sculptures of naked women , and a large Russian flag as a dance floor .

Sativa high off shrooms and weed started telling all the girls how much she loved them . Sid finishing her fifth drink looked up and it was as if she saw a ghost . Danny asked “ Yooo what the hell is up with that face Sid ?, you good ?”

Sid slapped Sativas arm . Sativa yelled “ Damn bitch OUCH ! Why you hitting me ?!!” . Sid still unable to speak just pointed . All the girls looked . Standing by an ice sculpture was a tall about 6’1 , dark skinned , muscular man with a fade , and pearly white teeth . Sativa looked at Sid and yelled , “ Oh shit it’s Ryan bitch"

Ana questioned , “ Who the hell is Ryan ? “

Still unable to say a word Sid just sits there in a trance . Sativa answered for her , “ They were in love all through high school but they got into different colleges, he went to LA .”

Danny jokingly , “ Ayyyeee ok soooo this the guy that popped your cherry then huh Sid “ .

Heaven who was extremely wasted grabbed Sids face and sternly suggested , “ This could be fate Sid so stop sitting there looking like a simpleton and go talk to him !! Pull your shit together ! You’re a damn surgeon bitch !! You’re accomplished as fuck ! And sexy as hell ! Act like it ! “ . The spell was broken and she could finally speak . Sid stood up as if she was going to say some type of inspirational speech . “ Heaven you’re right , I’m that bitch ! He should be nervous not me! I’m a beautiful black educated Queen in this mother fucker “ . In unison all her girls cheered her on and she started walking in his direction . Danny looked at Ana , “ Wait you didn’t fuck him did you ?” . Ana very coldly said , “ No fool the whole city got an invite and got to bring a plus one . You really thought I fucked all these people ?! “ . Everyone looked at her in silence . Ana , “ Aw fuck y’all “ . They all laughed .Sativas drugs kicked in fully . She leaned back , looked up at the ceiling and went on a little trip , the music faded . Suddenly she was a mermaid riding a unicorn in space while eating vegan ice cream. Heaven inspired by Sid stood up ready to walk over to Mr.Dubai in the next section, “ I’m gonna go to speak to that man “ . Ana grabbed her hand , slipped her a condom and winked . Danny and Anastasia watched nervously as Heaven wobbled her drunk ass over to him . Anastasia looked at Danny , “ God I hope she doesn’t fuck this up , she needs to get laid “ . Danny laughed but agreed . All of sudden they hear , “Omg what the fuck “ . They both looked and saw Heaven puking all over David’s shoes . They in sync shout “ OH SHIT! “ . Anastasia jumped up and charged over there immediately. She grabbed Heaven who was crying and apologizing. Ana calmed the situation with grace . She offered free bottle service , money to replace the shoes, and moved them to a larger section . Luckily David was a very nice man and understood. Ana had her henchmen pick up Heaven delicately . She then told Danny to help Sativa . Danny grabbed Sativa who was still completely lost in her own world and shook her a little bit so she would get up and walk . Sativa smiled at Danny , caressed her face , laughed , and said , “ Hey babyyy , with your perfect skin ! omg it feels like butter Danny ! Did you know this ? Did you know your skin was made of butter ? I love butter “. Danny giggled , “ Yeah , yeah ok just walk with your high ass “ .  Sid was by the bar as she chatted up her high school sweetheart she noticed the commotion. She saw sativa first and just like a big sister she instantly sprung into action. She gave her number to Ray and told him to call her in an hour . She licked her lips , looked him up and down . This excited him as he said eagerly , “ Gladly , and I see your sis is still wild . Some things never change “ he smiled . That smile still made her weak after all these years . Awkwardly she giggled as she walked away . She rushed over to help Danny with Sativa who was trying to mount one of the ice sculptures. They both got ahold of her and walked her out the back where Ana was holding Heavens hair as she puked . Ana with a disgusted look on her face , “ I don’t do germs or bodily fluids this is freaking me out !!!” . Sid runs up to grab Heavens hair . Ana looked relieved as she told her security to pull the suburban around  to the back of the club . She then in Russian ordered them to drop her girls off safely . She blew them kisses but had to stay until the club closed. Danny looked at her with sincerity , “ Aye  it was a fun night , really proud of you “ . Anastasia smiled , “ Thank you babe , now get them home ! You and Sid let me know when you all make it “.The ladies all got home safely .

Heaven passed out instantly and had the same dream she always dreamt .

Danny decided to stay with Sativa who insisted on going to her sail boat for the night .

Danny rolled a blunt as Sativas dance battle with hallucinogenics slowed down to a waltz .

She was no longer in space but the view of the moon kissing the waves was just as beautiful.

Sativa closed her eyes , listened the water , lifted her arms above her head , smiled , and felt this strong energy of pure gratitude.

Danny looked at her and laughed , “ You alright over there Mermaid ? “‘ Danny asked Sativa while passing her the blunt .

Sativa with a huge grin replied , “ Life truly is beautiful Danny. We’re blessed . I never thought growing up I would have a family after loosing my parents but you and those other wild bitches are my family”.

Sativas words caused a lump in Danny throat . She wouldn’t admit it but she felt the same way. She draped a blanket over her and Sativa shoulders , pulled her in close , kissed her forehand, and whispered , “ Family forever my crazy little  hippie.”

They watched the sun come up .

Across town Sid made her own waves with Mr.High School sweetheart.

Ray moaned loudly as Sid slid up and down on his beautiful black pole . She kissed him to shut him up . Suddenly he lifted her up with those God like arms , placed her gently on bed , licked from her toes to her neck . He then entered her slowly , grabbed her neck and slid deep inside of her . Sid unable to hold her composure let out a soft whine . They starred into each others eyes and climaxed together .

Sid wasn’t the only one emerged in extreme pleasure .

At Anastasia penthouse apartment downtown she was naked  , getting drilled from behind by Max . Max was a trans woman who Ana chose to please her for the night . Ana could feel the cold glass from the balcony door against her nipples as she grunted in ecstasy. She watched the sun rise off The Bay as her body roared in pleasure and she felt the ultimate release .

To be continued…


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