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Naughty Novas Chapter One : Welcome to The Bay .

*Brunch , Blunts and alcohol at Anastasia’s (ANA) House*

“ Girl his dick has a curve it “ Sativa said with her eyes wide and a smirk painted on her face . Heaven’s mouth dropped open in shock . Sid started to laugh and accidentally spit out her water. Ana giving her that famous sinister grin asked, “Well does it curve to the left or does a curve to the right?” . Danny eagerly questioned ," Shit don’t they curve up and down too ? . Ana jokingly replied , “How the hell would you know Danny ? you’re the pussy slayer”. All the girls laugh, including Danny as she gives Ana a funny look, “Bitch I hear things” she snapped . Still laughing Sativa says ,”It curves up and it’s not that big but I can feel it only because it hits my fucking G spot with every stroke . Heaven the innocent one, looked like a deer in the headlights as she uttered so softly , “ I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that a day in my life” . Sid looked at Heaven and very rudely reminded her, “That’s because you’re too focused on finding Mr. perfect you need to expand your horizons a little bit baby”. Heaven, a little annoyed glared at Sid with daggers in eyes and responded , “Oh that’s rich coming from you since you can’t even go on a date to save your life, all you care about is work! No man wants that".  Danny feeling it was about to get serious calmly reminded everyone , "Hey now we’re here to listen to Sativa talk about Mr. Captain Hook, my lesbian ass lives vicariously through you straight bitches, these stories are entertaining as fuck" Ana leans toward Danny with that same grin, loudly whispered , “ oh darling, you’re speaking about these prudes! you know how we roll “ and gave each other their secret handshake. Sativa laughed and continued her story. “ OK ! OK let me finish. Yes everything was alright. Like I said, decent size , with the curve even can eat pussy pretty well .” Sid interrupts , “I feel like there’s a big BUT coming, so what was the problem ?”

Sativa sighs in disappointment looks down at her plate of food picks her head up trying to keep her composure and for a dramatic pause .” He literally nut in eight minutes bitch” she admitted with irritation . They all looked at each other as if they’re trying to hold in a laugh and in sync they all laughed loudly and yelled , “A quick pumper” . Anastasia coldly and quickly commanded , “Yeah cut him off now!  No one has time for a quick fuck. We’re too old for that shit” . Heaven interjected so sweetly, “But what if he’s actually your soulmate? , I mean you can’t just walk away from someone just because he may not be able to last that long in the bedroom. He probably has other amazing qualities ,Husband qualities!”

Sid,Ana and Danny all rolled their eyes and moaned annoyed with Heavens sunny disposition. Sativa reached for Heavens hand , “Oh my sweet girl. I’m sorry baby but my future husband can cum back to back to back and break my back time and time again ” as she humped the air and grunted . Heaven giggled as her cheeks turned bright red, feeling embarrassed. While inhaling smoke Danny pointed out something else , “Plus you said he was only pretty good at giving head too ! Like come on bro you can’t cum quick and only be OK at giving head , that sounds like little boy shit. I thought these Tampa Bay boys were better than that “. Sid agreed, shaked her head up and down and waved her hand to shoo away the smoke. Sativa excitedly stated , “Girl he’s from New York anyways. You know most men in Tampa aren’t actually from here “ . They all nod their heads in agreement. Sid with a confused look , “ I thought New York men could handle business , at least the guy I slept with a few months ago could ! Y’all remember him ? I think his name was Mark , or maybe Mike ? “. Sativa grabbed Sid’s hand with excitement, “ Omg yes I remember him ! We called him Big spender , he fucked you on the balcony ! . They both shout “Yesss sis" and laugh . Anna, grabbed her phone with a straight face , “Let me hook you up with someone that’ll have you crying out to God for hours . You deserve it after dealing with such a schmuck and I'm sure you let him down easily when you should have embarrassed him for even wasting your time".Sativa grabbed the blunt from Danny inhaled and clapped back , " I love you Ana , but hell to the no . I don’t wanna fuck anyone that you’ve controlled you damn demon , and of course I let him down easily , I felt bad for the guy .” . Sid chokes on her wine , “ We might be too late for that now I'm sure Ana's vaginas has spread across the land and ruined every man's life by now , we're fucked ! And get off my sister like that . We all know she doesn't like to hurt these pathetic men's feelings ". They all roar with laughter . Ana smiled, and said with confidence , “You know what, y’all most likely are right about me , I'm just doing my duty to this country by spreading pleasure to whom I think deserves it . But don’t say I didn’t try to help. I think as your friend its my duty to make sure all of you get to have an amazing sexual experience.” Danny raised her glass, “Cheers to that bitches “ . With their glasses raised up, they all looked at each other and smiled . At that moment they all feelt happy, loved and complete. Even Heaven , she doesn’t like to admit it because she wants a husband so badly but she doesn’t feel like she’s missing out on anything when she’s with her girls. All of a sudden,  Sid got a call . She had to rush back to the hospital. She looked at the girls with exhaustion in her eyes , “ I’m happy I didn’t drink too much. I love you whores but I gotta go save lives. Yay me".She gave them all a kiss on the forehead as she did every time she left, it’s something that her father used to do to her when he would leave the house before he passed away .She was literally his twin. Danny jumped up,” Well I gotta go meet this beautiful tall, dark skin, chocolate, queen at naughty novas for an audition” . Heaven taunting her like middle schooler,“ Ooooo just an audition” . Danny with her crooked smile, winks , “ I mean chocolate is my favorite flavor so you never know “ . Sativa grabbed Danny’s face sternly, yet softly, “Don’t fall in love with this one you crazy,sensitive soul“ . Danny just laughed as Anastasia slapped her on the butt . This startled Danny as she jumped and let out a high pitched yell , she turned around , looked at Ana laughing . Ana seductively , “ Now Danny my love  I thought I was your favorite flavor” . Danny with that seductive smile again, looked Anna up and down , “You couldn’t handle this anyways little mama so stop playing with me. Plus your ass too damn mean you probably taste like vodka , Cuban cigars , an anger “ . Ana laughed loudly ,slapped her on the arm , “ Awe you motherfucker , you’re probably right though “ .

Sativa and Heaven looked at each other with “ That Look “ you know the look that women give each other . It’s like an unspoken language with just their eyes . This look translated to , “Bitchhh here they go flirting low key again”.

And then there were three. Heaven high off her edibles decided to take a nap . She dreamed of a large White House pink shutters, a pink door with a white picket fence. She saw her husband . He was tall, dark hair, handsome in a suit . While she was dressed in a 50s style dress, pulled his dinner out of the oven as she yelled for her perfect , clean , obidient children to come inside for dinner. Her daughter had on the matching dress and her son had on a matching suit. Definitely looked like an old episode of leave it to Beaver. This made her smile as she slept. Sativa and Ana walked down to Anas dock, lit up another blunt, and sat by the water . Sativa looked at Ana with care ,"Babe are you in love with Danny be honest, you know you can always keep it real with me” . Anna smiles, “ I love all of you equally , well that's a lie . I love you more because without you I would have never met anyone of you . I just like to talk shit to Danny because she’s the only one in the group that isn’t straight , just like me” . Sativa inhaled a big puff of smoke , choked a little bit and pushed out the words. “Yeah I can definitely feel that. I figured it was just that “

Anna smiled, looked at Sativa and said so sweetly, “You can use your super power , and tell if I’m telling the truth you mystical ass Witch” . Sativa, nodded her with agreement , “ This is true” . Anna puts her arm around Sativa, lookedout at the Bay and let her thick Russian accent out to say , “Ever since my husband died. I honestly don’t see myself loving anyone besides you naughty ladies and honestly that makes me feel complete. I don’t need anyone else , you bitches are all my soulmates.” Sativa with her eyes red as a rose , looks at Anna smiles and whispers , “ Naughty Novas for life bitch “ .

To Be Continued.

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