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My First Love

Imagine a 14-year-old…Now paint her with a two-year-old daughter. Yea... Life’s a bi***.

It had been two years since my daughter's adoption.

I Sunk into a dark place. Mine filled with suicide. Heartbroken. But someone saw a light in my spirit.

My mentor, Miss Price, (I hope you get to read this one day), was a fan of my work. Every time I wrote a new poem, she would read. And I’d watch her eyes scan with curiosity.

I loved it. I could see the connection. I saw a light.

One day, she placed a book in my lap, “I Know why the Caged Bird sings“ by Dr. Maya Angelou.

Mamm Lou.

I cried. I smirked. And I smiled. This beautiful soul had a similar past and still lived a fulfilled life.

Closing the book, I laid there with a refreshing mindset. She was me, I was her...I was in love.


~I never got a chance to meet you, but I came close enough. It’s amazing how you change someone's life with words. And I hope I touch someone just like you did. Rest in paradise!

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