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Music is their Life's Passion

In their latest song, "Figures," the rap group Nomads provides the audience with tools that will help them achieve success. This message is foreshadowed by blunt raps, anime references, and other elements.

Not to mention, the group congratulates itself on completing the task. It took many early mornings and late nights to get there.

Flyboi Rell speaks about getting straight to business without taking breaks over a space-ridden trap beat. Because music is their life's passion, Nomad jumps right into creating.

As a result, they earn a substantial sum of money. Flyboi Rell then subtly advises money-hungry individuals to take notes for what they'll say next.

“Pullin’ out the recipe for anyone that’s penny-pinching,” he raps.

The rapper who appears next appears to be Lava God, who boasts about his abilities and compares himself to characters from shows such as Avatar and One Punch Man. He then goes on to explain what happens to those who disparage his name.

Another significant part of his verse is when he instructs others on how to achieve success.

Following that, Flyboi Rell adds to the advice given by Lava God. In summary, they emphasize the importance of staying focused.

He also informs detractors that he did not request this level of attention. It's just one of the perks of being a famous person.

Following that, the rapper discusses his interactions with a woman, as well as his exclusive drip and lavish lifestyle. He is ultimately fortunate to be where he is in life.

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