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Music is a Time Capsule

SOHLO, who was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, is an independent artist who has been producing his own music since 2015. SOHLO has been surrounded by music since he was a child.

His father was the lead singer in a band and would play demo tapes for him while cruising around in his old beat-up band wagon...

This is when his love of music blossomed.

SOHLO was inspired by this and began playing music with his friends in high school, where he discovered his artistic voice. His music is a time capsule; each song is a memory of a life experience that adds authenticity to his work.

SOHLO writes, records, and produces his own music in his basement studio, which he built with his father, drawing inspiration from a wide range of genres and artists.

SOHLO hopes that his passion will one day inspire others to pursue their dreams and never give up because nothing is impossible in life.

Make sure you check out his new project ‘After Love’ HERE

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