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Music is a Feeling

December 24, 2021

Zeny is a music producer/singer from San Diego, California. His main genres are Reggaetón, Trap, and R&B. He’s produced music with artists all over the world.

“Music isn’t just a sound, it's a feeling and form of expression.”

Una Vida was created by mixing two types of genres (Trap and R&B). This project featured The goal was to create a song that people could relate to emotionally.

This project featured Emagen. A producer, Dj and artist in San Diego, California. He likes to work outside the lines and get creative.

“Everytime I make a song or a beat it’s not only my creativity going wild but me pouring out my heart into that track….I don’t like to assume myself to one specific genre, I create what I feel!”

Make sure you browse his website HERE and connect with him!

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