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December 31, 2021

Zaze is an artist from the Toronto area of Canada. He was born in Scarborough and grew up in Ajax


“I rep Toronto because the world only knows the major cities that we surround and I am looking to be viewed on a world scale.”

If you didn’t know, Zaze came from the name Azazel (A”Zaze”L). In one bible telling Azazel is the soul inside the serpent that convinced Eve to eat the apple. Azazel was also the name of the Demon from the movie “Fallen” starring Denzel Washington.

“I am a huge advocate of true history…Azazel was also a marvel character and although not where the name came from it is an added endorsement as I have always been a fan of comics and fantasy. I morphed into Zaze somehow through time and sounds a lot better if you ask me.”

Music was always something he connected to. Zaze’s his first memory with music was at a flea market at the age of six. Choosing between Black Sheep and LL Cool J.

“ I remember going to the flea market with my dad and he telling me I can buy my first tape ever but only 1…Next thing you know I’m running around the house with a boombox and no shirt blasting “I’m gonna knock you out, Momma said knock you out.”

He’s always had a passion for being creative and not working for “the man” within a system. On top of that, having his two kids by his side adds on to the grind.

“I work full time, have 2 kids and make music around the clock so the grind never stops.”

Even though his life demands a lot, making time for music is a must.

“It feeds my soul and gives me that creative expression I need to survive. The microphone is my therapist.”

Everybody needs a release. A man that enjoys his work enjoys all aspects of his life far more than somebody that works in order to survive


“I am also a rare breed in this day and age for being a perfect mix between the new and old. I stand by my ideas with passion and aggression…Music is my vent, my journey, my salvation and my expression through art. My lifeblood.”

Zaze’s work aims to speak on all issues. Poverty, Hunger, Crime, Corruption, Life, Love, Hard Truths and more. It’s like a documentary on all of life’s difficult aspects mixed in with some punchlines for wit, entertainment, value and even some true stories about his personal struggle.

Currently, Zaze seeks out opportunities within the avenues and connections he currently has. With the experience of being an artist for over a decade and building relationships with artists all over the country; he has the respect from my peers in order to be part of an opportunity if one arises.

“My only issue is staying within my box. I need to step outside of my box and create more opportunities for myself through new resources. To expand my reach and to become more global. I am always seeking ways to improve while continuing to work and evolve within my craft and the industry itself.”


“I have always been fascinated with the life of a Monk so maybe one day I find the peace and space to meditate and actually achieve some further enlightenment.”

If you could magically get rid of a bad habit:

“ I would say that it would be putting Tobacco in my herbal remedy. It started as a teen and never stopped. Weed will always be a part of what I do as it has many benefits but tobacco is just a silent killer that is unnecessary. Otherwise it would be never answering my phone and ignoring life outside of my own family.

Top 3 Goals:

To live off of my music. To raise smart/capable children into adults that will provide a difference in the world. To own my home. These are real goals.

Greatest influence on my music:

Myself if its a who question. The world around us if it’s a what question. I write about my life. What I see and how I feel about that. What I think needs to change, and what has changed for better or worse. The world is a consistent influence on everything I do or say and especially write.

Artists like Wu-Tang, Mobb Deep, Outkast and Big Pun are a big part of why I love rap and love the form of expression it provides you.

Make sure you buy his new project and reach out with your opinions!

If you would like to collaborate…he is open and ready to work. Get in contact with him HERE:

Instagram: @Zazemusic

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