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Multi- Genre Artist…Scorpio King?

Yung Crow is from Chicago, born and raised in.He now resides in Minnesota.

This scorpio artist (born October 24th) favorite artist is Drake and TLC.

Yung Crow makes all kinds of music. For the country, for the streets, for the church, for the love, for the hate.

“My goal is to make music everyone can listen to...So choose your genre, and I guarantee I can satisfy your ears.”

One of his recent releases ‘Backwards’ is just what his fans were waiting for! Currently sitting at #1.

Some of the favorites are:

  • Backwards

  • My Loving

  • A.O.P.L (All Over the Place)

Make sure you check out the rise of Yung Crow HERE and make sure you reach out to network and connect!

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