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December 30 ,2021

Rush Tha Visionary is representing his hometown Virginia. Music lives in his blood and has since he was a child.

“I’m addicted to both listening and making so the creativity is always flowing.”

Rush is part of his name; and visionary is a reminder for one person…himself!

“I call myself Visionary to remind myself that no matter who says what, there’s a vision behind what I’m doing in music…I have to execute and live behind.”

At first, hitting the music scene was a personal passion. Now, building with his producer and videographer is Rush’s priority.

“My why has evolved…When I was young I always thought a rapper was the coolest thing ever to be and I felt I needed to be that.”

His catalog is a means to either motivate, celebrate or tell a story. To paint a picture.

“Virginia rappers are here to eat and be celebrated like ATL, Cali and New York. It aims to say you don’t need to rap about guns to move people with music.”

Chance The Rapper is an independent artist who is true to himself even when he was criticized for it.

“Me and my people aim to create opportunities...The internet gives everybody a stage. Anyone or entity that provides opportunities outside of that are icing on the cake.”

Personal Goals:

“Be a millionaire, be a successful INDEPENDENT artist & be someone that brought as much success to Thera as they brought to me.”

2020 Accomplishments:

“We shot 10 Music Videos in 2020, 2 of them still to be released.”

Make sure you reach out to Rush Tha Visionary to connect or collaborate.

Browse and Pre-Save his project 4 - Real HERE

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