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Mother Moon ๐ŸŒ™๐Ÿ’ซ

As darkness dances across the night sky

She still shines bright

I am in awe of her beauty

My conversations with thee :

I am a child of the moon

Your child

I feel your energy as I gaze into the sky

I tell you stories of a small girl surrounded by demons emerged in darkness and all alone

Too frightened to cry

As terror whispers in her ear

I cry for the little girl tears charged by sorrow

I allow your magnificent glow to interact with

My inner goddess

Giving her strength

as she brings light towards the child

The demons disappear

Fear replaced with peace

As love whispers in her ear

I smile for the little girl

Tears remain

Caused by relief

The Goddess is her healer

She will no longer be shackled by fear

The darkness will always provoke her

Demons will taunt her

As long as she has the moon light

She will never have to hide again

Conversations with the moon :

I envision my future

Ideas attached to emotions

Excitement overwhelms me

I can see it , feel it , even taste it

Manifesting all of my dreams , wants , and wishes

I am an artist with a blank canvas

With each stroke of my brush I create a glorious masterpiece

I am the author

With each word

I write the most triumphant autobiography

This work of art is coming into existence

So I give thanks to you

My conversations with the moon :

You give me power

my reality is nothing less than beautiful

You gave that little girl peace

My inner goddess wisdom

Now I am strong

Experiencing all of my desires

I will always cherish my conversations with you .

My mother Moon .


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