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Most anticipated EP: Ahkflock

Ahkflock thinks back to when he was working his first job (AMC movies) and his trainer said: “You know why we charge for our membership even though everyone else’s is free? It’s because if people pay for something, they’re more liable to use it. They appreciate it more”

This advice has brought excitement for this project… knowing he spent money on it  and it turned out to be one of the better ones.. which means progress.

“I’m working on not being so cheap … But outside that, whether I get 1 stream or 100,000 streams. I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I do."

Flock Shit the EP dropped Friday. It is a five piece head banging collection. Ahkflock came together with a few people to bring this project to life.

@gvza_mg features on the fourth song. LITERALLY the first rapper to work with a feature.

“I asked hella niggas. Damn near begging to collaborate, but I guess they couldn’t associate with “shitty music” (no hard feelings.. I still wanna collaborate.)

@feed0flala: for assisting with the last minute promo video. 

“Not everyone female brave enough to do that (also literal first and only person to say yes cause I been asking around),”

@sexluvspirits: made him mix his own shit . But I’m grateful for teaching me that. 

“Plus the other music advice he’s been giving helped me create something I’m happy with. I struggled finding an engineer that would actually help me vs taking my money and adding plugins he used for his last artist.. that shit don’t work for my monotone voice.” 

Want to hear more?? Make sure you check out his content and reach out HERE.

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