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Millionaire vs. Billionaire

What is the difference between the two?

… the zeros, duh.

Yea but what else?

The mind. Most of us carry visions for the future. Most of us have skills and/or talents to become a millionaire. To buy our mother a house, pay for our "kids" tuition, etc. But guess what?... you're selfish, stingy.

And it's okay to be selfish. You deserve to be your own boss, take care of your love one, and more. But you know what's not okay?

Most of us have the millionaire vision, but the heart, mind, and spirit is speaks billionaire. You're inner being screams...change, but we're too busy seeing with our eyes.

Let's dig a little more.

If you earn a million dollars this year, come tax time, 40 - 50% automatically goes to IRS. So the internet says you're worth a million, but your bank say $500k (minus living expenses and reinvesting into the business). How can you contribute to the planet with that?

If all you want is a lamborginie and mansion, I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to the visionaries.

Why does your work ethics yelling millionaire, when your purpose is telling you, you must do more?

It is easy to see and get caught up in the distractions. I've been there and there's

nothing wrong with paying yourself. But what are you doing to contribute to your community?